Developing and managing housing since 1988

housing opportunities

All housing units consist of shared arrangements. Each housing unit is shared among two to five residents, and in some instances two families, depending on the unit and family size. Most referrals come from area service providers, shelters, transitional housing facilities, or area specialty hospitals. If you are already receiving services from a provider, please notify that provider you are in need of housing so an appropriate referral can be made. Rent is based upon HUD recommendations, and all rent is on a sliding scale according to income and medical expenses.

Supportive housing services (shs)

SHS provides individuals with residential support in 33 housing units, which promote retention of residents' housing arrangements. SHS assists in developing and maintaining a safe and sanitary living environment, social and interpersonal skills, and activities of daily living related to household management. On a daily basis, residents receive support and training in daily living skills including, but not limited to:

- Household Management
- Safety in the home
- Meal preparation
- Budgeting skills
- Job readiness
​ - Employment searches