Harry entered the CAMG Supportive Housing Program with the thought of it being a second chance and the opportunity to set some things straight in his life. Harry utilized the same values he learned from the Salvation Army substance abuse program to maintain his housing.

Harry also had a desire to give back to the people who helped him, so he would volunteer his free time mentoring men at Salvation Army which led him to be hired as a substance abuse counselor. He was also elected to be on the board of directors of Community Alternatives Incorporation to provide his input on how to make the Supportive Housing Program an even better program.

Harry had the desire to move back into independent affordable housing. The Supportive Housing Counselor worked with Harry and created a written plan to help him transition out of the Supportive Housing Program. This plan was implemented with the goals of budgeting, saving money, paying monthly bills and developing additional independence skills that will be utilized outside of the program.

Harry was successful with obtaining affordable housing and transitioned to independent living. Harry continued his employment with the Salvation Army.

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