quality assurance

CAMG strives to provide housing that meets HUD Housing Quality Standards and to deliver exceptional and supportive housing services. To ensure that we truly understand the changing needs of persons receiving services, we continually gather input from residents, their families, legal guardians and the community. This information is obtained in a variety of ways:
- Annual Surveys
- Tenant Advisory Committee (TAC)
​ - Local Quality Improvement Committee (LQIC)

SURVEYS provide general information about service accessibility, staff performance, resident choice, and satisfaction with the overall level of service.

TAC is a team of residents and staff that meets at least bi-monthly to discuss improving housing and service quality. This team also reviews proposed changes in our housing and supportive services program to continuously meet the needs of our residents. Recommendations for changes are reviewed with the Director of Housing.

LQIC is comprised of residents, family, community providers and staff. This committee evaluates performance data, client rights protections and adherence to policies, procedures and national accreditation standards. Recommendations for improvement go directly to the executive quality improvement committee for review and response, and are reported to the Board of Directors quarterly.

​Quality meetings are held monthly by management staff to identify and implement opportunities for improvement in care.

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